Modern living room, Medici Sectional Sofa with Track Arm | Hudson's Bay--- just not a white sofa

Bringing a cosy feel during the winter and a light airy feel during the warm summer months. #troyadamsdesign #studiobeckerla Follow me on

The playful mix of patterns and abundance of cushions means it can be mussed up or moved around without looking undone. | Designer: Lloyd Ralphs Design Photo: Donna Griffith

Do you remember the color wheel? Conventional color wisdom has it that colors that lie opposite to one another on the wheel, or 'complementary colors', are especially pleasing together. And lest you dismiss this as the color equivalent of an urban myth, there's actually scientific evidence supporting the idea that certain colors look good together. Here's how to make it work for you.

Modern Family Room Designs 2013 | gray couches | industrial black coffee table | gray patterned pillows | clean white walls | living room inspiration

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