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Michael Buck's little house

Michael Buck, a farmer from Oxfordshire, England, has used the ancient cob building technique to construct a small but cozy hobbit house, for which he paid just

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Glass bottles catching the sunlight cast many hues in this beautiful Earthship interior. Nothing like getting stained glass for literally nothing!

beautiful cob house--love the unusual sloping roof

Sustainable Vision Gallery

Cob House on Mayne Island, Canada This adorable little cob cabin mimics the style often seen in England but is actually located in Mayne Island,.

Coleccion de interiores para casas de barro..Un ole por la creatividad

Rocket Stove Science Cob Kitchen and Masonry Heater Isle built by Kirsten Maria Klibo in Nordstjernen Ecovillage, Hundested, Halsnæs, Denmark.

How to Make a Cob House

Building Construction Sequence of a Stick Framed Home

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Interior of a demonstration home built at The Hollies Centre for Sustainability in Ireland.with a masonry heater and a built-in oven above.ie/cob

Viviendas sustentables construidas con un bajo presupuesto | La Bioguía

Hermosas viviendas sustentables construidas con un bajo presupuesto

How To Install Terracotta Tile Floor in Cob House (with Pictures) - The Year of Mud: Natural Building Workshops