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Explore Luftwaffe Panavia, 4288X2848 Oc, and more!

Luftwaffe Panavia Tornado with armament displayed at Tag der Bundeswehr 2015 in Manching [4288x2848] [OC]

A Saab 29 Tunnan mounted outside of Östersund Sweden [3264 2448][OC]

A Saab 35 Draken mounted outside of Åre Airport in Östersund Sweden. [3264 2448][OC]

[2780 x 1850] USS Wisconsin (BB-64) looking all menacing. 11/20/2015 in Norfolk VA [OC]

Probably the lowest quality picture on this sub but still a stirring picture to me. My BUD/S class taking a break during Hell Week 2011 [480x358] [OC]

Colorized photo of rebel soldiers preparing to defend against an Imperial blitzkrieg during the Battle of Hoth [1600x1200]

Control room of the UB-110 German submarine 1918. [800X954]

Fixing missiles to a Russian jet at Latakia [900 600]

CB90-class fast assault craft [3021 1997]