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longans. takes me right back to buying them on the street in China.

I need to add dragon fruit to my long list of favorite fruits.

Ecuadorian passion fruits are yellow. Yep delicious!! ( maracuya)

This is the strangest looking fruit ever. Rambutan in Malay, Indonesian, and Filipino literally means hairy, caused by the 'hair' that covers this fruit. On the outside it's magenta with green hairy legs all over it. From the outside you'd have no idea what to expect on the inside. Inside it's similar to a lychee fruit. It looks sort of clear and gummy. It's very watery and has a huge seed in the center. It tastes pretty decent, but it's the look of the ramputan that puts it in the top ten. (Link | Photo)

The scoop on cherimoya, the ice cream fruit

Ecuadorian fruit basket: Chirimoya, naranjilla, tree tomato, tuna, pepino dulce, passion fruit, babaco, granadilla