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Easter Party Ideas - silverware like carrots

Easter Party Ideas

Easter Party Ideas - silverware like carrots I tried this for Easter, since I had leftover orange napkins from Halloween it was a cheep & cute idea

So fresh and springy......love the bright colors.

12 Easy Easter Crafts

Easter Candle Display: Place a glass hurricane on a plate or pedestal. Center a pillar candle inside it. Fill the surrounding space high with one color of jellybeans, then add a layer of a different color directly on top.

Best Easter Pinterest Recipes It’s hard to believe that Easter is here already and we’re already a quarter through the year. I feel like we just celebrated Christmas last week, don’t you? But according to the many beautiful pins on Pinterest, it’s Easter time and there are dozens of great recipes and fun ideas to … … Continue reading →

DIY Tutorial: Sparkling SURPRISE Carrot Cupcakes --- carrot cupcakes (baked in ice cream cones)

Egg Salad Stuffed Carrot Crescents. I really want to make these at a cooking party! LED

Egg Salad Stuffed Carrot Crescents ~ link to instructions on page. I wouldn't use egg salad. maybe ham salad?

Share this on WhatsAppAfter a week of contemplation during holy week, people will celebrate on resurrection of Jesus. This is what we call Easter Sunday. [...]

20+ Best and Cute Easter Dessert Recipes with Picture

Crispy Rice Easter Egg Pops - these could be made for many different occasions. Rice Krispie treats can be hand-molded to almost any shape.

That is so cute

carrot napkin and cutlery ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An orange napkin, green cutler, green pipecleaners, and voila . a carrot! Great idea for a potluck or buffet party as it's easy for guests to pick up and take to their table.

Frugal Easter Idea: Beach Towel Baskets. These are also great for Birthdays and Parties!

15 Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Kids and Teens

Frugal Easter Idea: Beach Towel Baskets also good for summer birthday gifts

A little Bunny Bait for Easter! Thank you Ash for introducing me to what I am sure will become a new easter staple!

Bunny Bait

Bunny Bait = popcorn, white chocolate candy coating, M&Ms, pretzel sticks, and sprinkles. Yummy for Easter!

Carrots (sugar cookies) in Dirt (Oreo crumbs) So cute for Easter! {or april fools!}

Carrots in Dirt! Orange colored sugar cookies in the shape of a carrot, "buried" in Oreo crumbs (or dirt cake) Fun Easter dessert for the kiddos

Easter Candy Cones - Fill sugar cones with candy. Wrap in cellophane & tie with ribbon

Candy Ice Cream Cones (Fill with ALL your fave Candies & Treats! Such as: 1 Cadbury Egg, PEEPS, & topped with Pastel M&M's & preferably with Peanut M&M's as shown!) Great Easy Gift Idea For Easter.

carrots and hummus

Fun and Healthy Easter Food Ideas

"Carrot Patches" with baby carrots, parsley, and hummus in terracotta pots. *i'd use ranch dressing, because no one in my family will eat hummus.

Crescent roll stuffed with chicken salad. Cute Easter appetizer.

Crescent Roll carrots filled w. egg salad for Easter lunch. Wrap crescent rolls around cream horn mold, paint with egg yolk, water and orange coloring mix, bake per pkg directions. Let cool and fill with salad. Insert lettuce leaf for carrot top.

Keep your family entertained with this healthy Easter snack

Vegetable Carrot

Instead of baby carrots, buy carrot chips and arrange like a giant carrot with a broccoli top. Instead of baby carrots, buy carrot chips and arrange…

Claim: Colorful Chinese Tea Eggs  Result: The dye colored the entire egg rather in the cracked pattern.  The post DID warn that this project can be difficult to do properly, so maybe I just did something wrong.

Dip in colored water (food color) Peel shell off. Categories: Food & Drink Added: Tags: Resolutions: Description: This photo is about Easter eggs: Boil eggs. Dip in colored water (food …