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i love how everything hp is "real" she did serious research before she wrote this and everything is intertwined

I am continually surprised at how much research j.k. Rowling puts into her names. The more you look, the more there is.

Harry potter world .. pictures that make you think differently about Harry Potter

I'm not sure I love that she wrote this so early on... I think a writer needs to let her story evolve organically. If she had that many specifics already in place, did it sort of lock the characters in? Would Harry and Ginny have really ended up together? I dunno.

Which, in the end, is one of the great themes of the series: friendship. Harry could have gone all seven years attempting to do everything by himself, but he never would have gotten anywhere without the help of his friends. Rowling has said that true magic is friendship, and I think it's only fitting that Voldemort was defeated by many brave people, not just the Boy Who Lived.

After the Battle over Little Whinging, 13 ppl gathered at the Burrow to mourn the loss of Alastor Moody.

Fairly sure that my Patronus would be a little spiky haired boy with round rimmed glasses and a lightning bolt shaped scar.

if you don't know who harry potter is... i dont want to know who you are

Harry Potter Facts Part 3 (is it bad when I read these and feel the need to correct them?) but idk if i posted this...sorry it happens a lot

So cool. and damn... severus and sirius... even dumbledore (that's sort of weird) were all reallyyy good looking

YES!! I'd definitely do it up classier, but this would be a great entrance to a library! (Yes, I will have a LIBRARY in my house, not a "den".)