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The iPhone Rangefinder

yep... that's an iphone case, which turns your phone into an analog camera. complete with a shutter button and several lenses!

from The Photojojo Store!

Photojojo's Magnetic Phone Lens Series

Three lenses to use with your cell phone (any cell phone). They attach with a magnetic ring. Come in fisheye, telephoto, and wide/macro. $50.00 for all three. Want. want. want.

'Lots of peo­ple cro­chet, but how many do you know that order yarn by the ton? Such is the case for Toshiko Hori­uchi MacAdam, the artist behind the stun­ning Rain­bow Net play­ground at the Hakone Sculp­ture Park in Japan.

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Fuji Instax 210 Wide Instant Camera

I would literally turn into a kid in a candy store with an insta-camera, but they are such money pits.


Digital cameras buying guide

These days, you can use your mobile phone to take basic snapshots. So why buy a digital camera? In this article, we’ll highlight some of the useful high-tech features and shooting modes offered by contemporary digital cameras, and help you decide which options will make a big difference when you need more flexibility and higher image quality than a mobile device can provide.