How to Preserve Avocados in the Freezer from Eating Richly: A great idea when avocados are on sale and in season!

Freeze avocados once they're ripe! Great for when they go on sale, or when you need an avocado and they're all too firm at the store. They keep for MONTHS this way! Who knew?

How to Stop an Avocado Going Brown - No Lemons Involved

Great idea! After making soup, freeze it in plastic cups to make individual serving sizes to eat later. (The Redheaded Princess: Creamy Chicken and Gnocchi Soup)

Avocado hummus dip recipe, with tahini and cilantro #avocadorecipes #diprecipes

TONS of awesome household tips

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Another pinner stated: I started her clean eating plan on Mon and by thurs I lost 4lbs woot woot! Easy to stick too-yummy recipes!!!

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Sun-dried tomatoes are SO expensive to buy at the store. Here is an easy way to make them at home!! Gonna do this!!

Moonmelon (scientifically knows as asidus). This fruit grows in some parts of Japan and is known for its vibrant blue colour. This fruit's party trick is that it can switch flavours after you eat it. Everything sour will taste sweet, everything salty will taste bitter, and it gives water a strong orange-like taste!

Freeze & Preserve Herbs In Olive Oil ~ Here’s a new amazing way to shorten the time spent on kitchen and make your cooking way easier.

healthy spinach dip - i could eat this all day


5 Minute Avocado Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Thank goodness! Something that actually works! I need this every time I cut onions.

Caesar Avocado Dressing by laurens latest ~ OMG, if you love avocados like I do... this is awesome. I made it with non-fat greek yogurt rather than mayo for a healthier version. Put on my spinach salad.... yum! S

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