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  • Robyn Scherer

    Rhodesian Ridgeback. I'll have another one day.

  • meggie nelson

    Rhodesian Ridgeback i just heard about one i feel bad for the girl who pinned this and lost her dog i hate it when dogs and animals die i love heelers horses and goats plus deer

  • Marina Bailey

    Rhodesian Ridgeback - African lion hunting dog. Best dog to have

  • April Tucker

    Rhodesian Ridgeback, my dream dog!

  • Neddie Hughes

    Awesome picture

  • Jude Birch ponders delight

    Rhod Ridgeback, fastest (next to Greyhound) dog in the WORLD! We see it every day . . .

  • Ronnie Turner

    Rhodesian Ridgeback ... had one of these beautiful amazin' dogs ... Sheera ... God Bless her BIG heart <3 <3 <3

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☀Wales 2007 My Rhodesian Ridgebacks 3 by will-turner *

Rhodesian Ridgeback - I would name him/her Hintza after the dog in the movie "A Far Off Place."

..Jewelridge Brilliant Rubato by ridgebacks..

Dogs may represent loyalty, protection, guidance, masculinity, love and loving feelings if that was your experience with dogs. What was the dog doing in your dream? Was it active and playful, docile or in a cage? Does the dog represent anyone you know? How do you relate to the dog in your dream? By the way, this is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, my absolute favorite breed!

Rhodesian Ridgeback- looks like bruschi :)

..Rhodesian Ridgeback ... muscle machines ... designed for speed and power ... also sweet, loving and verrrry loyal family members ... ♥

My next baby, probably the only purebred I will ever get. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Miss Obie is going to need another brother soon. I'm pretty sure we'll be sticking with the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Best. Dog. Ever. ♥

Rhodesian Ridgeback - Most beautiful dog in the world!

The Rhodesian Ridgeback also know as the African Lion dog, native to S. Africa they were originally bred to hunt lions.