we all need a pick-me-up day no matter what size!

this is how i feel when i carry my dog @Elena Portillo

This is a goldendoodle named Harold. Doodle dogs are the best most smartest.

must be a pit bull thing bc mine does this all the time! love it!


Hee hee


Big dogs and little girls!!!! Cheryl, this would be an awesome picture when your granddaughter is here. :): Girls, Animals, Best Friends, Sweet, Dogs, Great Pyrenees, Pet, Kid

Baby Panda


My heart just melted.

awwww....so cute!

Kelly Martin Speaks: Giving Like God (or a dog or the sun etc..) Unconditional Love. Giving like God. Loving like your dog does. #God #giving #gratitude #love #dog


I want him!

This is so adorable.

<3 Basset hounds