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Cool idea for decorating the theatre for Drake's graduation! =)

I have loved the stars too fondly... Dream, dream, dreaming.... ♥

There will always be a brighter star then the star

Star garlands over small windows with plain curtains and star painted curtains over large window??

"Mmm, how 'bout, 'Twinkle'?" my girl would ask for me to sing at bedtime...I miss singing songs with you.

#Star...tarnished and rusted. and beautiful....... It is my understanding that these were used in the attics of homes in the pas. A bar ran between one on each side of the house... to prevent walls from collapsing as the house settled over the years,

A handful of Christmas. Thanks to Lynn Goldfinger Abram for helping me discover this. -- Eve.

Of course, wrapping lights around the palm trees in your yard is perfect for a "coastal" garden party that you might find here in Wilmington, N.C. during the Azalea Festival!

Stars, I haven't seen these in any retail shops this for Christmas or all year round!

Gorgeous close up a star #fairylights if you had a set of star shaped fairy lights where would you place them?