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    Venn diagram comparing two characters--could use with buddies too

    Venn diagrams to compare characters, settings, or scenarios from a text

    Here is a GREAT lesson on making a circle graph inspired by a great piece of math literature. Very motivating for students!

    Great book for showing cause and effect, and to use when comparing fairy tale versions!

    Comparing and Contrasting: Read two books to the students and fill out the chart together(headings for each section:Plot, characters, setting,...). Then use highlighters to mark the similarities and the differences. Next day make a venn diagram.

    Love this--students could write the number on the top of their paper before they turn it in. That way they don't risk embarrassment or refuse to ask questions during class discussion.

    Compare and contrast Oliver Button is a Sissy and Amazing Grace. Text to text connections.(image only)

    Love this idea!! I used spiral bound note cards with one notebook for each student. I like this idea better because you can always add to it and their records are always in one place!

    For students that do NOTHING

    During activities, punch holes in the papers of students that are off task. Easy to keep track of participation when you collect the papers!

    Procedure for papers (students generated list)

    Text structure: Compare and contrast

    Paper Plate Continents

    Learning compare and contrast!

    Another way we could display our learning goals--possibly. (I'd tweak a little bit, and maybe do this on a chart paper or two so the expo marker words wouldn't get erased by little fingers.)

    Compare and Contrast monsters - freebie!

    Revising vs. Editing

    Chalk Talk - write a topic in the middle and have students comment around it. They cannot talk, only write! They go up twice. First they write something original, then they comment on it, could do this with butcher paper or construction paper too

    Puzzle Pieces for students to find their group

    Free - Venn Diagram with lines