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*real food* to have in your emergency box (real emergency: earthquake, flood, fire, tornado...) it's a good list, and easy to stock, too.

52 Weeks to Preparedness: An Introduction to Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Planning #LDSEmergencyresources #Disasterplanning

10 things to do now : A list for beginner survivalists to do first. (I wouldn't buy anything at Walmart, but the foods he says to stock up on are a good start.)

The Escape Ring: Do you need this? What if you couldn't call us to help get you out of a sticky situation? This would sure come in handy!

Chewing Gum and a battery can be used Fire Starter - Use the foil-backed wrapper to short circuit an AA battery and create a flame. First, tear the wrapper into an hourglass shape and touch the foil to the positive and negative battery terminals. The electrical current will briefly cause the paper wrapper to ignite. Use the flame to light a candle or tinder.:

Food Storage Made Easyfrom Food Storage Made Easy

50 Last Minute Ways to Prepare for an Emergency

PIN, PRINT, AND SAVE. This could really help in case of an emergency.

120 Ways To Prepare For The Future - things you need to know, supplies you need to stock up on, lots of advice you may have never thought of, etc.

Here's a quick, easy method of providing emergency light and heat. These three Scandinavian log candles will burn for hours. Learn how to make them!

How to properly store gasoline to use during an emergency and how much you need. Great blog for food storage and emergency preparedness!

The Green Head - Finds Cool New Stuff!from The Green Head - Finds Cool New Stuff!

waterBOB - Emergency Bathtub Drinking Water Storage

When a natural disaster or other emergency strikes, be prepared to have plenty of fresh drinking water on hand with the cool new waterBOB - Emergency Drinking Water Storage. Rather than temporarily filling up an open bathtub with water that could easily get contaminated or leak down the drain, just lay this innovative heavy duty food grade FDA approved plastic bladder out in any standard bathtub, attach the fill sock to the faucet and fill to capacity In about 20 minutes you'll have 100…

Food Storage Momsfrom Food Storage Moms

Emergency items we might not think about today.....

Emergency items we might not think about today..... lessons from Hurricane Sandy