Demi Lovato

demi lovato aka my idol forever with gorgeous red hair. There are few people who can rock every hair color, especially this one but Demi can wear anything and rock it like no other! I love this girl so much!

Dark Red Hair, color is gorgeous. getting this color TOMORROW. if you think it would look hideous, please love me enough to tell me before then :)

Dark Red Hair, color is gorgeous. I cant wait to male my hair this color again

love this color...

Really beautiful pin up hair style with victory rolls and a hot corset!

I would love to try this color but I love my natural color so much that I would hate to mess it up by dying it.

if i was ever to dye my hair red, it would be something like this. i think i'm too brown to have red hair tho

beautiful purple for darker hair

hair fashion style supreme Grunge edit outfit purple hair long hair colored hair dyed hair e dye leather jacket straight hair grunge style edited hair pastel-locks

Love this color

10 shades of Red- Scarlet hair color with long wavy hair style~ nice dark red hair,love it so much

Great purple chunks of color on dark auburn hair with light blue highlights! LOVE IT!!

I love this the most. I love the pop of aqua. maybe not so pink around the face though. I like the dark and warmth of the purple near the bottom. I think this is a good base purple

I love everything about this.. pinup curls, colour, everything

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