Hmmm. I'm not sure I'd like a knitted washcloth, but I may make one and try it out.

How to Knit the Whelk Stitch, great for menswear, blankets and washcloths

The next knitting project: washclothes made out of bamboo yarn - colorful and silky

5 textured dishcloth patterns


Tuesday’s Knitting Tip at WEBS – Slip the first stitch of every row to keep your edges neat in stockinette.

This scarf probably only takes an hour to make! I love purlbee´s webpage, can spend hours there...

Free Knitting Pattern: Treasure Pouch


pattern is awesome.

Free pattern scarf

Knit dishcloths: Cast on 38 stitches. Knit 3 rows for border. Row 1: (right side): Knit. Row 2: K 3, purl to last 3 stitches, k 3. Row 3: K 3, (P 2, k 1) 10 times, p 2, k 3. Row 4: K 3, (K 2, p 1) 10 times, k 5. Repeat these 4 rows, 6 times. If a colored center stripe is desired, change yarn now and work rows 1 – 4, 2 times in desired color. Change back to main color and work the 4 row pattern, 6 times. Knit last 4 rows. Bind off and weave in ends.

Hand Knit Washcloth pattern/gift ideas

Free knitting pattern: easy knitted hat

Free Knitting Pattern - Dishcloths & Washcloths : Cabled Heart Cloth

Dishcloths are one of the easiest things to crochet. When it comes to making these items you want to be sure to use the right yarn and make them so that they last throughout several dish washings. The following link will take you to a great article that features dishcloth patterns that are easy to make, can be made quickly and wear like iron. They are great for gifts, are absorbent, and many of family and friends will request more after you make them.

So cute! Knitting

Free baby crochet pattern for washcloth !

Knitted star pattern.

free knit dishcloth/washcloth patterns

Free Knitting Pattern - Dishclothes & Washcloths : Bobbles the Sheep Cloth