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custom knee sock, mismatch, bride, braaten, I do, orange and white

Eye makeup. Gaga.

truckie ♥

mockingjay boutfit makeup

Lynnie Bruise, las Putas del Fuego - TXRD One of my BIGGEST derby idols\inspirations.

I know that bitch! She's an ass and one of my very best friends :) love my Milla!!

Sac! ♥

CHOLA!!!! ♥

need to know this...

SO true! Roller Derby

wife pose :)

... :O

Top 10 Moves for DERBY Thighs

This page has a bunch of different wheel placings and what works for whom and why.

cool article about derby/life balance

The "I can't recognize you without your helmet" ID card. Also works for kayakers, snowboarders, mtb'ers, and other sports with helmets. from You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Loose Wheel

Personalized Roller Derby Leg Warmers by blazingneedles on Etsy, $23.00


Ooh Love this.

Good video on Derby Stance. "There are a number of off-skates exercises derby girls do to build strength, balance and agility. When you’re skating fast and engaging in full contact with other skaters, your ability to stay balanced becomes very important. Core strength is another crucial element to derby girls, and any core exercises you do will be useful. Today let’s focus on some of the more unique exercises we do that specifically relate to derby." via Savannah Derby Devils

those are my girls :)

Banish Shin Splints Forever With One Magical Exercise