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DIY Stealth Camper Van with easy kitchen and bath -- great for novice builds! Includes floor plan.

WiFi when you need it! This Super WiFi antenna allows you to connect to any publicly available WiFi network up to a mile away — and surf the net from your car, your RV campsite, on vacation, at the park — whenever you’re away from home. You may not ever …

Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box

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Wine storage for your RV - Wish I had this right now if just for an additional layer of insulation on the floor.

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How to Stay Warm in Winter When You Live in a Van or Trailer (plus: alternatives for toughing out the cold weather) — COMET CAMPER

"Saving the Earth at 10 mpg" by Andy Baird. Source: Eureka! Live Blog. This is a great article about working toward a fuel efficiency + fun equation in RV life. As a first-time trailer owner, I am able to get a sense of the big picture - fuel efficiency as as set of skills and gear acquired over time - as well as the mathematical details of energy consumption for me to bookmark and refer to always. I shall write to Andy Baird to thank him. MATH IS POWER! Photo copyright Andy Baird.

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Camper van concept | Available for rent in PDX from

Coolist Camper :: Alberto Rosselli's Expandable Living Container

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Camper van home builder furniture and layout examples | Camper Van Life

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