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Poster to have in the class using the SMART acronym to share with students how to use the internet safely.

From copyright and plagiarism to cyber bullying and surfing the web, the Digital Citizen Spotlight from BrainPop provides a useful collection to help students understand their role as digital citizens.

Free iPad Rules Download! This poster is a freebie, plus there are a lot of tips for using the iPad in a one iPad classroom.

computer alphabet from Elementary Techie Teacher on (12 pages) - Alphabet cards to be displayed in a computer classroom.

This is how I set up Google Drive to work in my elementary class. Easier than I thought it would be! Teaching Trio: Tech Thursday: Making Google Drive work for elementary students

FREE Animation software. Have students summarize a text through a cartoon that THEY have created. Click the image for more ideas about how to integrate this FREE technology with your reading instruction.


Q&A: Have You Checked Your Child's Digital Footprint?

Great resource for upper elementary students This website explain what a digital footprint is, and how it can impact your life. We must be aware of our digital footprints; However, digital footprints are not always negative. Students can create positive digital footprints, which will help in employment, post-secondary education, etc.

Digital Literacy Tour from Google. Lesson plans and activities for Internet safety, digital citizenship, etc.

Five Good Resources for Teaching Digital Safety and Citizenship to Elementary School Students