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  She-Ra by Giannis Roumboulias She-Ra by Dimitrios Kasdaglis  She-Ra by George Kambadais She-Ra by George Komiotis

Crystal Falls

Crystal Falls is a location from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power. Crystal Falls is a idyllic lake nearby a waterfall on Etheria that was home to Mermista. Adora once visited the area a long time ago and later returned alongside Bow. This came at a time when Perfuma was decorating the area with plant-life. Horde Troopers arrived at the area on Sky Cycles in order to kidnap Perfuma for Hordak. The Crystal Falls playset of the Princess of Power toyline was a single…

She-Ra, the Princess of Power no longer has to live in the shadow of her twin brother, He-Man! With these awesome women’s grappling tights, Princess Adora certainly has the upper hand over Prince Adam, at least when it comes to fashion (c’mon, the guy wears a loincloth for god’s sake…) The design on these sports leggings features She-Ra cruising around Etheria on her winged unicorn Swift Wind. #leggings #shera #heman #spats #bjj #crossfit #gym #tights #officiallylicensed #yoga