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Holaaaa!! Amnot tat much into it at once bt whenever I hv watched I was like"where hv u been all ds time"" its totally just freak me out So whom are not still interested on it I only can say for them"guys,u dnt knw what u r missing so go nd enjoy it "

Yess i love to stay as lowkey as possible. When you take pictures they always find their way to the internet on someones feed😒😒😒

(6) Tumblr,,,,,Niall oh so sweet, charming and exciting.

Oli's new tattoos. I think they are for the songs off of the That's the Spirit album. Throne Doomed True Friends Happy Song Oh No and I'm not sure of the last one

Thx for the visual @thequotethief @Atticuspoetry #Atticuspoetry Is anyone missing an Atticus Chapbook. If so, please email me

Actually ther day my friend asked me: Why are you so shine(e), and i was like: Tats my soul... Oh wait... Thats black as hell

Yes. Especially when I'm really into a project.