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➡PAY ATTENTION LIBTARDS: ZERO evidence that Russia did the hacking..... but this is SO, SO TRUE!!! It's the ONLY way that American citizens got to see at least SOME of the Democrats in action!

I thought this was funny, but I would never want to see anyone hurt.

Nick Anderson Editorial Cartoon, January 06, 2017 on

She looks like a rehydrated Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt. Sorry Kellyanne you insulted America first. Very evil for a woman to justify horrible things said about and done to women even without consent. I believe there is a special place in Hell for drumpf, CONway and his whole corrupt lying cabinet.

If you've seen or read "The Help," then you know why this is hilarious.

C'mon Republicans! It's a joke! Save your anger and foul mouthed criticism for more serious issues.

Truth be told....i vomited in my mouth and wont go past the smart people facts

Score! Touchdown! Game over!!.........OMG....LOL.....THIS IS FUNNY BUT TRUE