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記憶スケッチで描いた!!デューラー作 「犀」(さい)

BBC Radio 4 - Germany: Memories of a Nation - A close look at key objects from our Germany series

Rhinoceros by Albrecht Durer. This is a woodcut where you can see more sharply defined marks and lines.

Rhinoceros by Albrecht Durer. This is a woodcut where you can see more sharply defined marks and lines.

Albrecht Durer: Rhinoceros 1515 A stunning etch that certainly pays close attention to every single detail on the animal's body.

DÜRER, Albrecht Rhinoceros 1515 Pen drawing, 274 x 420 mm British Museum, London

Rhinoceros by Albrecht Durer..:

de-salva: Rhinoceros by Albrecht Dürer (engraving) Rhinoceros by Hans Burgkmair (woodcut) Rhinoceros by David Kandel (engraving) * Copy of Dürer’s engraving.

Ilustración científica del siglo XVIII

theartfulgene: “ In 1515 Albrecht Dürer has made this preparatory drawing of a rhinoceros for a woodcut print. The drawing was made based on people’s description rather than real observations and.

Feet of an Apostle by Albrecht Durer

Albrecht Dürer ~ Feet of an apostle (Study for 'Heller Altarpiece'), 1508

Stubb's Exeter Change rhino-1790

This oil painting by George Stubbs represents the third English rhino found at Pidcock's Exeter Change menagerie in It was commissioned by John Hunter.

Гравюра появилась в 15 веке, одновременно с печатной книгой и великими географическими открытиями. Как новый вид искусства, доступный в силу дешевизны, гравюра…

Durer Knight, Death and the Devil Fantasy Engraving Fine Art Print

Da Vinci Horse in Piaffe

Catherine Twomey, the Arts: DaVinci Horse Print Sale


Elephant< Rembrandt van Rijn An Elephant 1637 x cm Vienna, Albertina

Le chevalier, la mort et le diable (XVIe)

Le chevalier, la mort et le diable (XVIe)

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Related image

Witch weather Durer witches travle with the devals speed

Albrecht Dürer (German, The Witch. She is holding a distaff, not a broom. As distaffs became replaced in popular culture by the less mobile spinning wheel, witches' staffs were thought to be brooms.


Picasso - Cockerel, 1938 actually like something from hiim

Albrecht Dürer, Dog (Unknown) on ArtStack #albrecht-durer #art

Dog (Unknown) by Albrecht Dürer

illustration for Fables by James Jean

'Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall' cover by Illustrator James Jean. Is a graphic novel prequel to the comic book series Fables, written by series creator Bill Willingham with a variety of artists.