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Tablet with Minoan writing

Leon Ferrari - Escritura - 1976 - inchiostro su carta

Memorial babilónico de piedra; ca. 850 a.C., del templo de Marduk, padre e hijo de pie, con escritura cuneiforme.

the artist's desk - this is literally what my desk looks like. ofbeautyandlove.c...

Beautiful handwriting. No idea what it's saying.

The oldest known dictionaries are cuneiform tablets from the Akkadian empire with bilingual word lists in Sumerian and Akkadian discovered in Ebla in modern Syria. The Urra=hubullu glossary, a major Babylonian glossary or encyclopedia from the second millennium BCE, preserved in the Louvre, is an outstanding example of his early form of wordlist.

Papyrus fragment with lines from Homer's Odyssey, Early Hellenistic, 285–250 BCE Greek, Ptolemaic