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Running injuries and how to prevent them

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I might need this!! How to Prevent Running Injuries: From a blister to a nagging knee ache, the repetitive movements of running can cause a heap of discomfort and pain. Here's how to prevent common running injuries and ailments, so you can keep up with your routine.

Knee Stretches and Strengthening for Runners

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7 Stretches to Prevent Running Injuries


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Build A Stronger Knee: Injury prevention tips - Runner's World

4 exercises to do 10 minutes before your run to help increase your speed & prevent injuries.

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6 common running injuries—and how to cure them: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/running-injuries

all you need is an injury to make you grateful for all those runs you complained about before.

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Build A Stronger Knee: Injury prevention tips from Runner's World -This is a list of stretches and exercises that are predominantly done in physical therapy. Great for runners, even those without knee pain!