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  • Bridie Fritsch

    A baby Fawn in a Birds' Nest. #cute cats #Baby Cats|

  • Keshaun Lynch

    OMG a baby deer in a bird nest. how did it even get up #cute baby Animals #Baby Animals

  • Mollie Torp

    A baby Fawn in a Birds' Nest. ? ? #cute baby Animals #Baby Animals|

  • Tracy Hua

    nap time...

  • Sharon Beisley

    deer baby in birdnest

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Fawn and paint companies may try it but nothing comes even close...

How can you resist that sweet face? This adorable baby deer named Pinot was photographed by Joshua Uhl.

Beautiful Baby Deer. I see these beautiful babies every early Spring in Ashland, OR.

I saw like this laying in the tall grasses on my walk this am. So precious🙆❤

* * " Man's heart away from Nature grows hard." ~ Standing Bear, Ponca Native American Chief, mid- 1800's

sweet fawn (momma deer bring their fawns to our property a lot - we don't have a dog so there's a safe "passageway" here)

Deer and Rabbit are unlikely companions

LOOK AT IT! JUST LOOK AT IT! here to find out more

I no am incapable of looking at a deer without thinking Snape is... Hes dead... I cant believe hes dead! :( Darn Harry Potter, its destroyed so many of my feels. get more only on freefacebookcover...

Southhern Masked-Weaver Bussy building by Frik Erasmus1, via Flickr

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