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Charles Eisenstein, author, teacher, speaker, evolutionary activist. Exploring the boundaries of what is “possible” according to our received beliefs, received habits, received technologies, and received ways of knowing. For humanity to take that Next Step, we are going to have to violate what is politically practical, socially practical, and even technologically practical. The same holds on the personal and relational level.

Love the symbolism that love is backwards and love that love is a part of revolution. It may be cliche by now but it is still a simple truth, love is a revolution.

At least that is what they would have you believe!

Impresionante trabajo de lettering de Erik Marinovich

© Erik Marinovich Erik Marinovich was named 2011 Person of the Year by another typography website I love: LetterCult . Now that I am .

You Are Not Banksy by Nick Stern (Part II) | Bored Panda

You Are Not Banksy by Nick Stern (Part II)

Don't forget to eat your lunch and make some trouble Banksy art street wall graffiti

I want to live in a world where the criteria for fame is one's capacity to make the world a better place.

Stop making stupid people famous. Better yet, Stop making stupid people govt employees (ya know . president, congress, senate etc)

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"We buy shit we don't need with money we have to impress people we don't like." quote taken from fight club


A Disturbing & Uncomfortable Truth Told Through These Powerful Street Art Pieces

So true.

This is so true, there are so many problems in the world, and the government seems to only focus creating wars. "In the absence of peace and love we teach war and hate as an escape from the problems we are too lazy to solve.

I LOVE stuff by Banksy. The graphic nature of his work and his HUMOR is what I like the most. - MIKE

Mystery after Love Island star Jonny claims someone hacked his Instagram account

Humour I LOVE stuff by Banksy. The graphic nature of his work and his HUMOR is what I like the most.