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Head of an Asura, Vietnam, Da Nang region, Khuong My (?), 10th century. LACMA

Jar Decorated with Fish, Vietnam, 16th century The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Yuhuchun vase. Vietnam, Lê dynasty (15th – 16th century). Bands of alternating floral designs and sea waves painted in underglaze-cobalt, chocolate base. H. 28,10 cm. Tokyo, National Museum, TG-2222 ©2004-2013 Tokyo National Museum

Ewer in the form of a phoenix [Vietnam] (1992.72.1) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Bronze censer with handles in the shape of bamboo, Vietnam, beginning sec. XX h. cm.43

Candleholder, Vietnam, Lê dynasty, 1677. In three sections with dragons, panels, and rosettes in biscuit relief, underglaze-cobalt decoration. Second year Vinh Tri reign (1677); H. 61,30 cm; Tokyo, National Museum, TG-2731 ©2004-2013 Tokyo National Museum

Cloche en bronze à patine de fouille. Vietnam, culture de Dongson, Ier millénaire av. J.C. H: 11 cm


Dogon figural house posts, Mali, 20th century (wood)

Head of an Attendant Bodhisattva Period: Northern Qi dynasty (550–577) Date: ca. 565–75 Culture: China Medium: Limestone with pigment

Africa | Interior Hanging (arkilla kereka) from the Fulani people of Niger | ca. 1st half 20th century | Wool, cotton, dye | These types of cloths are tent-dividers and marriage-bed hangings. //

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Yoruba door, Nigeria

:: Congo, Africa

Africa | Details of the wonderfully carved posts from a traditional dogan toguna (men's meeting house). Mali | © via valtram, via flickr

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::Collection of old wood Kadauma Sumba figures