Motherhood is a brave journey. It has always been this brave thing to raise another independent, pushing the limits, melt your heart at night, love them forever even when they drive you crazy, human. That is what you are doing. Even on those tired days.

100 little things about pregnancy, birth, and being a first-time mom

A list of 20 Things to not regret doing with kids. From tucking them in at night to laughing with them to letting them grow up.

25 rules for mothers of sons

Daily Mom » How to Raise a Gentleman

dear mom on the hard days. // words of encouragement for those inevitable hard motherhood days {at finding joy}

My Mom is Blogging This onesie

Be yourself. Do not waste time worrying. Appreciate the little things. Stand up for your friends. I will always be there. And more...

Happy moms REALLY exist! Check out these tips to give your family the gift of a happy mom! #happymom #parenting #motherhood #moms

A (mostly) humorous list of things I want to teach my daughter. #funny #humor #funny army videos #annoying orange #james lafferty funny

We all try to deny all the yelling that we do. I've never understood that. We yell because we're tired and sometimes all we want is ten more minutes of sleep but that little person won't allow that, because he/she is hungry, or thirsty, or is scared to go to the bathroom because the hallway is dark. We don't need to feel bad, we just need to recognize our behavior and work on it. #breathe

“Mommy, Somebody Needs You.” This is for all of you mommies out there. Such an important reminder, especially for those of us with babies/toddlers. PS: grab some tissues!

how to teach a child to stay in their own bed

Preggers T-shirt for expecting moms - got a baby bump? We think this tee is an adorable way to announce your pregnancy! #PNshop

25 things to do for you daughter.....brought tears to my eyes!

10 Ways for Moms to Respect their Sons--an excellent article for moms raising sons to be Godly men. One of the best things I've read on raising boys!

Don't be weary, dear mother, in trying to keep up with a supermom agenda. There is no supermom, really - that whole supermom who has everything together is just a fallacy. There are real moms. Real, authentic moms who admit that they don't have it all together but keep on fighting. That's you. Today. Tomorrow. Yesterday. I say that is enough.

newborns - 12 things you should know.