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collection funny pictures (300 pics) for May 2016 (part 8)


We should change traditions…

I really think this should happen...then everyone would have a more unique last name! <<they're like ship names!!!

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Lemony Snicket doesn’t care…

Lemony Snicket doesn’t care


This is sausage to me…

This is sausage to me!


Old time travelers…

Well… not me per say, but people with smart phones since I am the last human on earth to not own one!


‘Grey’ or ‘Gray’?

Too funny :)


She sells sea shells…

Drake's face xD

Wow, sorry for the gruesome photo everyone. But this story is amazing... you go Russian lady! !

Holy son of a motherless goat that if fricken hilarious!!! XD XD XD :,D Im crying!!


That’s just how cats are…

This is too funny!


The tickle monster…

I'm dying.