Dark Forest, Gothenburg, Sweden

Taiga forest morning beam, Ergaki, Russia.

Dark Forest, New Zealand photo by cathleen

Mossy, misty forest

11 Mind Blowing Photos of Unreal Places ( The Mystic Forest, Sintra- Portugal)

"Old Mill, Black Forest, Germany.This place, the food, the history, the people....it's a magical step back into time."


Forest Skywalk, Taiwan

✯ Morning Forest

'Dark Forest' - By Freddie Ardley Photography Facebook Twitter

✮ Dandenong Mountains, Australia

The dark forest path by ~DjLuke9 on deviantART

Dark Forest, Germany

The Eerie Forest, photo by Dave Lally. These trees are known as the Dark Hedges and are located on the Bregagh Road, Armoy, County Antrim in Northern Ireland.

Subtropical rainforest in Waikaremoana, New Zealand.

Forest Path, Costa Rica photo via diane