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  • Sarah Oliver

    Gothenburg, Sweden. Historically holy places were largely outdoor sites. Places like rivers, grave monuments, natural rock features and forest grottos were the most concentrated places of offering and worship.

  • Pennie at Pernilla's Something Swedish

    Deep Forest somewhere in Gothenburg, Sweden. I was born in Gotherburg and to be able to walk into a deep forest like this one is just a blessing. Comforting and relaxing. Pennie at Pernilla's Something Swedish.

  • divebombedintostardust

    I love dark forests and trees - I find they feel like magic, happiness and contentment. I played in deep, old pine forests that edged my uncle's farm, as a child and the book, The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Byton was an addiction when I was very little - I see it as looking a little like this place Dark Forest, Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Puro Paisaje

    Dark Forest, Gothenburg, Sweden photo via larri

  • Sebastiana

    A mystical place to think. Gothenburg, Sweden

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Given the weekend to spend as a human, Seanán could not wait until Monday to escape the rushing madness of human time. He walked the forest all night longing to get back to the serenity of being a Sequoia.

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Gothenburg, Sweden - What a stunning pic of Gothenburg, wow!

Gothenburg Archipelago - Sweden. my aunt and uncle are living there for the next three years so I have to visit!

magic forest. In your Sanctuary you find peace... there is time to listen to the winds and glory in the sky... to hear what your heart already knows... to trust yourself... and to heal... this is your place, forever, where you can go at any time... just close your eyes, take a deep breath and you are there...

Gothenburg - Sweden. Another favorite. Stayed the whole summer due to husband's project. good memories.

I remember the blue trolleys from my childhood. Gothenburg by Werner Nystrand, via Flickr

Gothenburg (Sweden) - Now that I have friends over there, I have a reason to visit :)

What to do in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Dark Forest, Gothenburg, Sweden photo via larri