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“Up close and personal. PC- Capt. James Mead Maya #blackfish #seaworld #killerwhales #orcas #killerwhale #captivitykills #dolphins #dontbuyaticket…”

sevenseasoffreedom:Forever my favorite picture! Blackberry (J-27) and little brother Mako (J-39) share a loving hug. These two brothers also have a sister, Tsuchi (J-31). After their mother, Blossom (J-11), passed away in 2008, Blackberry took on the parental role of raising his siblings. Mako absolutely adores him. • Photo: James Mead Maya

“goodnight wonderful photograph by Capt. James Mead Maya #blackfish #seaworld #killerwhales #orcas #killerwhale #captivitykills #dolphins…”

from Orca Conservancy

New Baby for L pod!

New Baby for L pod! - We finally have new calf in L pod. L86 (b. 1991) was seen today by CWR staff with a brand new calf who will be designated L120. This is the first new calf in the SRKW population since 2012. (photo credit: James Mead Maya / Maya’s Westside Whale Charters, 4:41p.m. – September 6, 2014).