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A man called Ove by Fredrik Backman. You will love or hate this book. This was a deceptively simple story about a miserable, quirky 59 year old man named Ove.Monique. Check it out:

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I love this one so much. Not your typical saying and very unique. But one day I will. I'm very hopeful and know love is out there for me when the times right. Until then, I'll be content

I have a theory that the rebels named Rogue squadron in honor of the Rogue One crew but they didn't allow any of them to be called Rogue One because the Rogue One crew still existed in all of their hearts.

My lil cinnamon roll Sherlock smiling at his godchild

#jasmineyogatutorial : #CamelSplits Another one that is way easier than it looks. I have no idea what this pose is called so I named it by the poses it is made up of! Tips and tricks: 1) Stretch well before trying. One min hamstring stretch. One min low lunge. :) 2) The hand behind you is going to help you balance. So take your time to find the correct position. Find the hand position that suits u the best. I find being on my fingertips makes the pose easier but you might find being on…

That was me!! I was like what the he can't go out like that. I had a feeling tho when I first saw it he can't be dead he'll come back and shoot krennic

For all extensive purposes, J.M is dead. Euros, meaning "East Wind", is a name (most likely a nickname or form of code name most likely intended as a warning, I have to rewatch the scene to know for sure) given to the sister (if it's a nickname it was given by the boys) when they were children. Sheninford, the name Mycroft has used to reference "the other sibling" (I also have to rewatch last 4 Eps. In the series to hear if they used pronouns) is most likely the sisters given birth name.

"Sometimes when I really like a girl, I'll say her name with my last name to see if it sounds right "

"Respect your pillows. They wiped your tears when no one else was there to even see it. :")"