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I actually would really like someone if they said something like this to me. Call me weird, but that's why they're there. || So  cute

Once You See What These Employees Said...You'll Never See Disney The Same Again.

Heritage trees of Great Britain and Ireland | Champion trees of Britain and Ireland - Telegraph

Champion trees of Britain and Ireland

chasing-yesterdays: The Majesty Oak of the Fredville Estate Park in Kent, England, believed to be years old. Source: Champion Trees of Britain and Ireland More information on ancient trees in the UK.

Weird tree. Looks like it has eyes and Mouths. Nature Photography.

8 of the creepiest trees on Earth

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10) "Oh! mon bel arbre " dit Blancrus! oegge peut tu me dire ou se trouve mon Prince" "Cela je ne peut " répondit l'arbre "mais cueille trois de mes feuilles et met les dans ton sac , tu pourras les utiliser quand tu en auras besoin . En attendant vous pouvez passer la nuit a l'ombre de mes branches , je veillerai sur vous ".

My Friend the Oak (Saving Our Trees and the Environment)

Put a glow stick inside a water balloon   and put the balloon in a stocking and hang it from a tree or   ceiling.

A water balloon with a glow stick on the inside, in a stocking, hung from trees, patio cover, or the ceiling. Same pin elsewhere said: "Put a glow ball in a white stocking and hang many from trees or the ceiling." But what are glow balls?