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Pearl Harbor


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U.S. Navy sailors of the USS Bunker Hill (CV-17) Essex-class aircraft carrier watch the towering flames following the second Japanese kamikaze assault on the ship.

The British Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious (87) at sea in the Indian Ocean between 27 March and 18 May 1944, while operating with the U.S. Navy carrier USS Saratoga (CV-3).

Bismarck in Kiel. The battleship Bismarck made fast to Buoy A 12 in Kiel in late September 1940. This photo offers a good view of the enormous 36-meter beam. The Bismarck was the widest battleship in the world. Only the Japanese battleships of the Yamato Class (then still under construction) would have a wider beam of 37 m

On September 17, 1939, the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Courageous was hit by torpedoes from the German submarine U-29, and sank within 20 minutes. The Courageous, on an anti-submarine patrol off the coast of Ireland, was stalked for hours by U-29, which launched three torpedoes when it saw an opening. Two of the torpedoes struck the ship on the port side, sinking her with the loss of 518 of her 1,259 crew members.

Amagi (天城?) was a Unryū-class aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy built during World War II. Named after Mount Amagi,[1] and completed late in the war, she never embarked her complement of aircraft and spent the war in Japanese waters. The ship capsized in July 1945 after being hit multiple times during airstrikes by American carrier aircraft at Kure Naval Base. Amagi was refloated in 1946 and scrapped later that year.

IJN aircraft carrier Akagi, 1942

KMS Admiral Scheer

5.9 in light cruiser Leipzig - she was torpedoed by a British submarine in December 1939, repairs taking a year, and then served mainly in the Baltic theatre till critically damaged in a collusion with heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen in October 1944, effectively ending her operational career. She served as a barracks ship thereafter.

Prinz Eugen [Germaniawerft Kiel], used for Nuclear weapons testing post WWII

Prinz Eugen

Admiral Scheer

The explosion of a Liberty transport ship off the coast of Sicily, 1943

German Battleship, Bismark sank in May of 1941 on its maiden voyage. Considered one of the most dangerous ships ever to have sailed.

Pearl Harbor

Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet at the Battle of Midway,m1942.

The Battle of Midway

Akagi - The Japanese Flagship Aircraft Carrier during World War II. It was sunk by US Navy planes at the Battle of Midway in 1942.

USS Hornet (CV-8)

Aerial view of USS Nevada (BB-36) after her 1942 modernization

16 in battleship Nagato pictured pre WW2: Admiral Yamamoto's flagship during the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, she was the only Japanese battleship to survive WW2 in floating condition, albeit seriously damaged. Post war she was expended as a target during US nuclear tests - photo elsewhere on this board.

1st wave headed for Pearl Harbor, Hawaii ,Dec. 7,1941

Pearl Harbor Attack

"Pearl Harbor"

Japanese Carriers at Midway | ... Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier of WW2 period: From Pearl Harbor to

USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor before being sunk during the Japanese attack.