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USS Baltimore (CA 68)

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USS Baltimore (CA 68); Heavy Cruiser; Commissioned 15 Apr 1943

File:USS Baltimore (CA-68) reactivation.jpg

Baltimore class heavy cruiser USS Canberra at Boston in October 1943 - she commemorated the Australian cruiser sunk together with 3 US ones at the Battle of Savo Island in August 1942. Torpedoed in October 1944, she was not repaired until after the end of hostilities. She was not de-commissioned until 1978 after conversion to a guided missile cruiser.

Baltimore class 8 in heavy cruiser USS Macon: she was commissioned barely a week before the formal Japanese surrender on 2 September 1945, and had to wait for the Korean War before seeing active service, having been in reserve previously. Finally decommissioned in 1961, she was scrapped in 1973.

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Submarine USS Torsk - Baltimore Harbour, Maryland, USA by lyon photography

Carrier Raids on Truk, 17-18 February 1944: Vought OS2U-3 "Kingfisher" is recovered USS Baltimore (CA-68) after she had rescued Lit JG, George M. Blair from Truk Lagoon, 18 February 1944. Plane's pilot is Lt JG Denver F. Baxter. His radioman, ARMC Reuben F. Hickman, is on the wing, preparing to attach the plane so it can be hoisted on board.Blair's F6F "Hellcat", of Fighting Squadron Nine from USS Essex (CV-9), had been shot down during the dawn fighter sweep over Truk.