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A MUST DO!! **The Bandaid Lesson - great!** Lesson to explain differentiation to more "that isn't fair" after this demonstration! Good first day of school lesson, love!

Good FHE lesson...The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes. great for teaching that mistakes are ok...and how to learn from mistakes. So great for setting up a positive learning environment.

When a child is unfriendly, they have to pick a random act of kindness. This is a great tool for redirection instead of disciplining.

LOVE THIS IDEA: I picked a stick and they never knew who that person was until the end of the day. If that person behaved in line, listened and followed directions in class with few warnings, they got a surprise out of the treasure box and their name went up on the wall of fame..if the mystery person did not behave their name went back into the box or whatever I had and it was never revealed. FREAKING GENIUS!

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This Teacher Taught His Class A Powerful Lesson About Privilege

This teacher taught his class a powerful lesson about priviledge. With a recycling bin and some scrap paper.

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Teacher’s Talk: First Day of School

Recipe for Success: First Day Activity

Whiteboard, marker and eraser in numbered bags so you don't have to hand them out in the middle of a lesson