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(Michael) "Hai! I'm Michael! Anyone wanna be friends? I enjoy video games.... A LOT! I also enjoy playing guitar. I'm in a band too! It's called 5 Seconds of Summer! I came up with the name by the way!" I smile big.

Michael doesn't run he frolics.<<<<<< just for that comment. <3 << YYYAAAASSS I love Michael Clifford so much he might be on my pillow!!

I'm not a fan if 5SAUCE but I like their song amnesia !!! Ok this imagine is so cute even though I don't really like 5sos . I like some of their songs but really that's it . I want this imagine to happen !!! OMG with anyone !!

Is that Michael teaching Ashton to play do I really need more feels in my life, this boyband, oh no

I like this. I hope people aren't hating on him or her. It's literally his life we don't have a say in who he dates