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Hazel, Ogham name Coll, rules 5th August to 1st September. Around Connla's well grew the nine Hazel trees which contained all the knowledge of the world. From those trees dropped nine nuts, which imparted this knowledge to the salmon living in the well who ate them. Fionn cooked the salmon for the chief Druid to eat, but burnt his thumb on the cooking fish and sucked it to ease the pain, gaining the wisdom instead of his master.

A4 print 'Hearth Moon' from original 13 Moons series

A4 print 'Hearth Moon' from original 13 Moons by daniellebarlowart - associated tree Hazel/Coll

Detailed Ogham Fews by on @DeviantArt. "Hazel Ogham rune set of handcarved staves. Each stave has a carved Ogham character on it representing a tree, and each stave is woodburned with a picture of the corresponding tree. The trees are also painted with eco-friendly woodstains and each one has been rubbed with linseed oil and natural beeswax. This set came with a sumptuous emerald green brocade bag with a gold cord for storage."

A feather is a gift from the spirit world. If you see one, undamaged by the elements, pick it up. You will be blessed that day through.