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2 layers design, flowers cherries leaves pattern, with a white plastic spoon. Easy to clean, convenient way to pack your lunch, cheese and snacks. Ideal

It's that time of year again, the leaves colors are changing.

White watercolor paper. Trace a 6" circle at the top, center of paper. Water color wash any type of sky, leaving the moon white. Then black india ink with a wide flat 1" brush. I showed them how to go from thick to thin, twisting the brush slowly, (I suggest a practice paper first for 2 minutes). Then magenta, white and purple for the blossoms with a #4 round. 5th grade. I played "sounds of the earth", basically, yoga music. Made them silent and purposeful. They LOVED it. And they ...

Autumn -I am completely smitten with this shade of wine, magenta,cherry ???Don't know what color it is....

Trees for Small Yards

Looking for the perfect tree for your small suburban lot? Here are 15 varieties, like this Eastern Redbud (Cercis Canadensis) that remain under 25 to 30 feet at maturity. | Photo: Missouri Botanical Garden |