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Nekomata, Yokai: One particularly monstrous breed of bakeneko is a two-tailed variety known as nekomata. Nekomata are found in cities and villages, transformed from ordinary cats. They are born in the same way as other bakeneko, though only the oldest, largest cats with the longest tails (and thus more power and intelligence) become this powerful variety. When these cats transform from ordinary animals into yokai, their tale splits down the center into two identical tails.

Two-tailed cat - original watercolour painting

Kyoko Imazu Two-tailed cat 2010 Watercolour 27.5cm x 24.5cm Bakeneko or nekomata in Japanese folklore. A cat may become a bakeneko by living to a certain age (some say longer than 10, others say 40 or 100 year). The tail forks in two and the bakeneko is then called a Nekomata. Bakeneko / Nekomata is said to walk on its hind legs, create ghostly fireballs, change its shape into a human and speak human language.

Bakeneko prints done by the talented @monmoncats @horitomo_stateofgrace #prints #japanesetattooart #tattoo #tattooart #tattoomaster #tattooartist #bakeneko #cat #neko