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  • Gail Parker

    Pomsky: Pomeranian and Siberian Husky mix... i'm in love!! - Click image to find more Animals Pinterest pins

  • Melissa Mann

    POMSKYS! Huskies mixed with Pomeranians = Husky puppies foreves ♥ omg so cute

  • Christine Van Hoffen

    Pomsky = Pomeranian + Husky. SOCUTE.

  • Lea Milojevic

    I don't usually like little dogs. But a mini husky?! Yes (Pomeranian husky mix)

  • Amanda Nemitz

    Pomski: Pomeranian & Siberian Husky Mix. Cutest dog ever! WANT WANT WANT! <3

  • Jessica Miller

    A mini Pomeranian Husky mix? It's so cute I could die.

  • Carrie

    Pomsky: Pomeranian + Siberian Husky mix. Holy crap!! So cute & Cuddly!

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