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Psych! haha I love them!

11 Signs That You Are Obsessed With The TV Show 'Psych'

Where do I pin this? With David Tennant? With Psych? David Tennant in places he shouldn't be, gentleman! With Shawn and Gus and the epic fist bump! Talk about a collision of worlds!

ha.ha.ha.ha. their faces.

Psych Season Three Episode Any Given Friday Night at Central

my favorite line from psych....ever!

" I would rather fall in love with a vegan." No disrespect but that is funny! I love Lassie!

<b>The best, funniest, randomest, creativest, & snarkiest show that ever existed.</b>


Grown men can scream like little girls and it’s totally OK./ 27 life lessons you can learn from Psych.

Dude, he'd be so annoyed.....compared to Sherlock Shawn is a tiny, immature child which makes it all the better cause Shawn would totally use that.

I created this "motivational poster" out of my love of Psych and Sherlock Holmes.HD Wallpaper and background photos of Shawn or Sherlock for fans of Psych images.

Psych TV Show | psych tv show pineapples

One of the most consistently funny shows on TV, Psych is definitely worth watching. Check out our list of ten great reasons to watch USA's Psych.

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We're like Andie and Duckie with just a tad of Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Shawn is so clever. =]  (I laughed out loud when he said this... having a 17 month old niece..I know what the mystery mouske-tool is!)

Shawn is so clever. =] (I laughed out loud when he said this. having a 17 month old niece.I know what the mystery mouske-tool is!

Hahahahaaaaa! <3 burton guster!!

"I am not a robot" In his defense, I have to turn the TV off every time that damn commercial comes on or I will also cry like a little baby.

James Roday's Psych audition… I love me some Psych :)

James Roday's Psych audition is possibly one of the funniest things ever recorded.