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    For Sidney and any future kids we might have

    I'd be someone's first and only love - check!

    Bucket List bucket-list bucket-list// um.....this is apparently a bucketlist item. I used to do this after every football game/marching band contest in high school, lol.-DONE

    We can check this one off the list, I hope I am waking up to him January 1st 2013 as well!

    My Bucket list - I kinda wanna do this, but i'm so worried that i'll never be able to decide on a name for my kid anyway!

    Already did. :) another tick!

    DONE: 2012

    before I die...

    Before I die, I want to ...

    Done...several times

    :) nov 2014 done

    Absolutely! I used to wanna use my last name for a girl, Harper, but that is being used so much these days, and really, who knows when I will have my grandma's name it shall be. And no, I'm not telling you what her very unique but precious name it is. You've never heard of it.

    write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years.

    Bucket list


    bucket list before i die - Buscar con Google


    Natural child birth. I am so proud to say i can check this one off having LC natural was the most amazing thing ever!