Warming Cracker/Cold Water Cracker, G.H. Bent Co.: While the name is deceiving, these soft crackers made with cold water are heated to go nicely with tea or coffee and have been around since the 19th century.

Various bottles of fruit shrubs, 19th century hot weather drinks

Lincoln postcard with Gettysburg Address

Civil war soldier's carried about 40 pounds while on the march. Canteen for water, haversack for food and knapsack for sleeping/personal items. Cap box, cartridge box, bayonet and musket or rifle were all for fighting.

Swedish Sugar Chest, Late 18th Century Transforming sugar into bite-size form is a technical challenge. Beginning in the Middle Ages, sugar loaves were first crushed with a sugar hammer and reduced to handy pieces with a cutting device. After crushing, the lumps of sugar were cut into serving-size pieces with a sugar nip, which resembles a set of pliers. Sugar chests like the one on display, which was used to break the sugar loaves, were an indication of nobility up until the 19th century.....

Japanese Knotweed honey, Boston Honey Company: This late season honey is gathered from large, bamboo-like plants. The resulting nectar is dark, nutty and pairs well with cheeses and breads.

How To Make Homemade Chai Tea

18th century punch recipes.

Occupation. Woodworker civil war era fashion

Ferments in 3 days or you can drink it without fermenting | Nature's Gatoraide

19th Century Cookery: Chicken and Maccaroni

Mathew B. Brady was born May 18, 1822. He was one of the most celebrated 19th century American photographers and is best known for his documentation of the American Civil War. He is credited with being the father of photojournalism. Photo: Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside (reading newspaper) with Mathew B. Brady (nearest tree) at Army of the Potomac headquarters

Steamboat Arabia - pictures by David Jolley - silverware and coffee grinders

Chicago Water Tower ~ one of the ONLY buildings which did not burn during the great Chicago fire of 1871.

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Mystic Blend Coffee, Mystic Coffee Roasters: A four-bean blend with fruity notes, vanilla, and chocolate. They also have 17 types of coffee on site.

19th century Kitchen Utensils

Tea Cakes, Vanilla and Chocolate! 1889 Leadville, CO Congregational Church

Rose water for flavoring- yum! #rose #water #cooking #baking #historicalfood

Organic Ethiopia Amaro Gayo, Redeye Roasters: For coffee lovers, these international beans contain chocolate and blueberry notes when roasted.

The crystal-clear waters of Flathead Lake, Montana