Organic Ethiopia Amaro Gayo, Redeye Roasters: For coffee lovers, these international beans contain chocolate and blueberry notes when roasted.

Coffee Lovers are not always morning people. LOL But at least no matter what we Coffee Lovers have our coffee. ~Me

Mystic Blend Coffee, Mystic Coffee Roasters: A four-bean blend with fruity notes, vanilla, and chocolate. They also have 17 types of coffee on site.

Gayo Coffee



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Coffee, Coffee & Coffee

latte | coffee ART

cafes coffee aroma …

Coffee in the best :)

I <3 coffee. Ask students what they love, have them compose a picture to show it, homework assignment is to take the pic and upload to website... use cell phones, ipods, whatever to take the pics. Can edit with GIMP as inclass part of assignment

cofee beams, Kaffe Bohnen. repined by in Peru.

Meet Chicago's Coolest Baristas

Vintage Coffee Grinder & Coffee Beans Photo

Warming Cracker/Cold Water Cracker, G.H. Bent Co.: While the name is deceiving, these soft crackers made with cold water are heated to go nicely with tea or coffee and have been around since the 19th century.

Mhhh, I can smell it

Starbucks Anti Gun Request: Don't bring guns into our stores. What are your thoughts on this?

Hearts were one of the first latte art designs to become popular, and they remain one of the most commonly-seen designs today. By preparing both the espresso and the milk foam just right, baristas can masterfully move the milk pitcher while pouring the milk into the coffee, thus creating these remarkable, if completely temporary, designs.