Caribbean Hot Pepper Sauce, Walters Specialty Foods: This flavorful hot sauce emulates the atmosphere and essence of the islands of the Caribbean, but is not for the tame.

Chelsea Wicked Hot Sauce: Inspired by the Chelsea Fires of 1908 and 1973, this hot sauce comes in at $5 per bottle.

Plum Island Red Dory Wine, Mill River Winery: Made with local grapes, with aromas of plums and blackberries, and more.

Muhummara, Samira's Homemade: Muhammara, a dip with Syrian origins, is an original blend of fire roasted red peppers, walnuts and pomegranate molasses. Other specialties include hummus, baba gannoush and ful medammes.

Fire Dill, Ruuska All Natural Pickles: Pickle fanatics will enjoy this spicy version of dill, marinated with a Thailand chili pepper and fresh ingredients.

Gingerbread Mini Cheesecake, 7ate9 Bakery: These light and fluffy gingerbread-spiced mini cheesecakes are made with a dark chocolate ganache made with Taza chocolate.

Fromage blanc, Foxboro Cheese Co.: This light, creamy cheese has a buttery and slightly citrus taste. Seasonal flavors include plain, chives, maple, garlic, and lemon honey.

Veal sausage, Smoke House: The shop, known for its European sausages and smoked meats, makes this light and flavorful steam-cooked sausage with fresh parsley and white pepper.

Parmesan & Rosemary Popcorn, Quinn Popcorn: This non-GMO snack is flavored with Peruvian and Spanish rosemary mixed with parmesan made from hormone-free milk.

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Cranberry almond rustic bread, The Blue Blinds Bakery: While the bakery also sells pastries, sandwiches, cakes, and soups, its artisan breads such as this one stand out as unique items on the menu.

Apple cinnamon pickles, Root Cellar Preserves: As far as fall novelty items go, apple cinnamon pickles are a unique treat. Other flavors include bread and butter, sweet and spicy, and zesty and sweet.

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100% Organic. Calming agent that helps with tensions and chest complaints. Cooling effects helps to fight feverish colds and nervousness. Provides warmth to the respiratory and cardiovascular system. The Lemon Balm oil can be combined with Lavender Oil to combat nervousness imbalance and insomnia. Relives painful swellings and sores.

Arnica massage oil for muscle aches, bruises, and contusions

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