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Harmony Cheese, Valley View Cheese: This cheese is made from the cheesemaker's own Nubian goats. it is also blended with Jersey cow milk from the Appleton Farms in Ipswich.

from The View from Great Island

Baked Cheese—the most romantic appetizer ever

Baked Cheese---the most romantic appetizer ever - The View from Great Island

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The Easiest Homemade Cheese Ever - Fromage Blanc Soft Cheese

Spreadable Homemade Cheese--for if I ever get a Jersey Cow...LOL!

Mystic Blend Coffee, Mystic Coffee Roasters: A four-bean blend with fruity notes, vanilla, and chocolate. They also have 17 types of coffee on site.

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Cheesemaking - what to do with all that whey?

What to do with extra whey after making cheese. I so want to be a food hippie.

jersey cow Island farmers had always kept a few cows. But as well as the Jersey breed, some farmers were farming French cows. In 1786 the States of Jersey passed a new law, whereby any farmer who brought French cattle into Jersey would be fined 200 livres (about £3) for each animal. This law was later extended and finally an act of 1878 declared that no bovine animals could be imported into the island. This law has ensured the purity of the Jersey breed ever since.