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Silver Reserve White Rum, Privateer Rum: This clear rum features shades of cocoa bean, cocoa butter, pineapple, clove, deep brown sugar, and molasses.

Apple cinnamon pickles, Root Cellar Preserves: As far as fall novelty items go, apple cinnamon pickles are a unique treat. Other flavors include bread and butter, sweet and spicy, and zesty and sweet.

Mississippi River Distilling Company New Fashioned Ingredients: Cody Road Bourbon - 2 ounces Sweet Vermouth - 1 ounce Angostura Bitters - 1 dash Basil - 4 leaves strawberries - 2 san pellegrino - for topping off sugar cube - 1

Moe’s Private Reserve Multi-Purpose Seasoning & Rub, Fine Spice Company: BBQ lovers will want to check out the original and hot versions of this seasoning and rub, which can be used to coat beef, chicken, and pork, or to make dips.

Mojito? More like Woahito. Mix up this summer classic with Captain Morgan White Rum and... put some loca in your boca.