Silver Reserve White Rum, Privateer Rum: This clear rum features shades of cocoa bean, cocoa butter, pineapple, clove, deep brown sugar, and molasses.

Mojito? More like Woahito. Mix up this summer classic with Captain Morgan White Rum and... put some loca in your boca.

3 Mojito recipes: a traditional mojito recipe; one for the girls mojito recipe; a pineapple mojito recipe. Great cocktails for fabulous parties.

3/29/13 Featured Spirit Tasting - Jason's Wine & Spirits - Shellback Silver and Spiced Rums sourced from some of the finest Caribbean sugarcane and blended with twelve spices and other natural flavors.

Diablo's Shado - Silver Rum | Bottle Design

Spiked Eggnog Chocolate Mexicano, Taza Chocolates: A unique eggnog that you can eat in solid form. 55 percent dark chocolate from Dominican cacao and rum.

A yummy and particular San Pellegrino Blood Orange Mojitos made with rum and San Pellegrino Limonata

Caroni 1997 Rum / Bot.2011 : Buy Online - The Whisky Exchange - A 1997 vintage rum from Caroni in Trinidad, closed since 2002. This was bottled in 2011 by independent bottler Silver Seal, better known at TWE for their whiskies. It's a heavy rum, perfect for sip...

Tanduay Asian Rum | #packaging #design

Caliche Rum.. Awesome packaging! PD

DIY Homemade Kahlua with printable labels |

MoJito Recipe //

Organic Ethiopia Amaro Gayo, Redeye Roasters: For coffee lovers, these international beans contain chocolate and blueberry notes when roasted.

Sweet potato truffles, Chocolate Therapy: This holiday-themed treat features roasted sweet potato mixed with spices and white chocolate and coated in dark chocolate.

Japanese Knotweed honey, Boston Honey Company: This late season honey is gathered from large, bamboo-like plants. The resulting nectar is dark, nutty and pairs well with cheeses and breads.

Gingerbread Mini Cheesecake, 7ate9 Bakery: These light and fluffy gingerbread-spiced mini cheesecakes are made with a dark chocolate ganache made with Taza chocolate.

Muhummara, Samira's Homemade: Muhammara, a dip with Syrian origins, is an original blend of fire roasted red peppers, walnuts and pomegranate molasses. Other specialties include hummus, baba gannoush and ful medammes.

beautiful pictorial on West Bridge's egg in a jar dish in Cambridge, Mass.

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Foodies who tweet know there’s a new message out there in the social media universe: Boston is a culinary hub and deserves to be the venue for “Top Chef’s” 10th season.

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