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get-rec-t: WOW It’s my first fanart for JSE (not the last ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) and GOD am I nervous ;w; Why?… I dunno actually ._. Not gonna tag Jack, tho, too shy XD Well I hope you like it?? ;A;

it made me really happy he uploaded it on Christmas tho :)

Ela me lembra muito uma gemsona de um artista aí (mas eu não lembro o nome da pessoa, desculpa).

Okay I really am sick of the song let me love you, but the lyrics for it in this picture really blend with the movie and books!

This is how I've been spending my Christmas

Lillie Mallow Lana & Acerola in kimonos that's really cute!

I wish this was real, like this sign was somewhere and it really showed were the real places are.

are those FRECKLES I see?!

are those FRECKLES I see?!