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Attractive 3 lacy umbels atop strong, sturdy, upright stems. Flowers in shades of dark purple, pink, or white. Highly productive with stems per plant. Long lasting in bouquets. Also known as Queen Anne's lace, ornamental carrot, and wild carrot. Ht.

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How to create perfect floral arrangements

flower arranging essential tools for really large projects; 1. Floral tape 2. Rose stripper 3. twine (pictured: Bordeaux baker’s twine; $7 for 60 ft.; 4. Lighter (to heat-seal the cut stems of flowers with milky sap) 5. Swiss Army Knife 6. Wire cutters 7. Pruning shears 8. Rubber bands 9. 22-gauge paddle wire 10. Sponge 11. Florist scissors

Blooming Beauties - With poppies, euphorbia, hollyhocks, zinnias, sunflowers, and other flowers with a milky sap in the stem, use a match to sear cut ends, or dip them in boiling water. This stops the flow of sap, which can clog the stem and prevent it from taking up water.

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Lightroom Basics: How to Edit a Milky Way Photo

Lightroom Basics: How to Edit a Milky Way Photo #photography #lightroom

Inklingo Improved Magic 8 Iron fabric onto freezer paper and it will go through the printer. Inklingo will print HST marks onto your fabric so you can then cut into stips and sew many HST at a time.